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The Life of Rudolph F. Papp

On this page, you will find various aspects of my life. I've had a very interesting life which consisted of a whole variety of experiences. The purpose of this page, then, is to share the story of my life with you.

I have designed a whole set of web pages which can be accessed from links on this page. These pages contain pictures and short anecdotes which will give you an idea of me as a man and an artist.

If you are a comic strip writer and looking for a job, you have come to the right place. See the job advertisement.

You can visit either my Art Gallery or read my autobiography called Escape from the "Red Star". This link to the Art Gallery has its own introductory page and you may view the pictures in the gallery through links on that page. To read my autobiography, you may start at the beginning and read through all of the pages in order or, if you've seen my autobiography already and just want to see a specific page, use the convenient list below.

I welcome your comments and suggestions; please email me with them. You may also request more information or clarification of any part of this website and I will email you back with answers to your request. Larger versions of any of the pictures on this website are available through email.

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